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New Style Blue Laser
New Style! 445nm Blue Laser Pointer Waterproof Design With Clip

This 445nm blue laser pointer new design black or military green 1000mW 3000mW 5000mW(optional) adjustable focal has lot of best features.

$299.99 | $189.49


3000mW Blue Burning Laser
3000mW Blue Laser Pointer Gatlin Gun Shape USB Charging Silver Color

3000mW high power burning military adventure built-in battery shell color silver made by hard aluminum usb interface, let you feel good.

$249.69 | $169.99


Red Bold Light Laser
High Power Fashion Style Honorable Bold beam Red Laser Pointer

2017 new style waterproof red bold light laser pointer popular online store.It has many excellent features and is widely used.

$276.59 | $163.33


RGB 3 in 1 Laser

Green 60mW Red 200mW Blue 1000mW 3 in 1 Color Laser Pointer Powerful

Since its high power feature, this laser pointer has been widely used at astronomy, burning and some other outdoor adventures. It's got a red green blue laser.

$229.99 | $156.89


1W Blue Laser Pointer
1000mw Blue Laser Flashlight High Powered Burning Ultra High Cost Performance

The laser flashlight design is popular with the fans of the laser, the explorer, widely used in outdoor adventure, military and so on.

$245.79 | $196.88