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Red Laser Pointer 200mW
200mW 650nm Red Beam 303 Laser Pointer Kit With Starry Pattern Caps

This 200mW 650nm laser can emits a bright red beam that is enough for burning. Laser goggles, safety keys, 18650 battery and charger are included.

$89.99 | $59.99


100mW Laser 303 Green Beam
532nm 100mW Green Beam Laser + 5 Star Lenses + 8 in 1 Lens

KitLaser AG303 is a compact laser that delivers a 100mw and 1500 meters beam range. Fit for both indoor (parties) and outdoor(stargazing and adventure) activities.

$93.99 | $79.99


Gatlin Green Laser Pen
100mW 8 in 1 Multi-Pattern Green Beam Laser Pointer Laser Gatlin Single Point and 5 heads of Stars

This mini laser pointer is designed with a copper heatsink system. Powered by 10440 li-ion rechargeable battery, it emits a 30mW bright green beam that is great for pointing.

$89.99 | $63.99


Red Beam 2 in 1 Laser Pointer
2 in 1 Laser Pointer: 60mW Green Laser 303 + 100mW Red Laser 303

Powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery, it has a maximum beam range of 1500 meters. This 2 in 1 laser can emit green and red beams at the same time.

$159.99 | $89.99


3 in 1 Laser Pen Red
3 in 1 Laser Pointer: 1000mW Blue Laser 303 + 200mW Red + 60mW Green

This laser pointer comes with three beams. Since its high output power, each color can be served as a burning laser pointer. Kit with pattern caps, batteries and charger.

$229.99 | $156.89