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Blue Bold Beam Laser
New Style Fashion Blue Bold Beam Laser Pointer High Power Waterproof

The blue bold beam light laser pointer popular on laser pen market,has 1500mw 3000mw optional.Widely used, deeply loved by customers.

$350.69 | $253.33


1600mW Blue Laser Flashlight
465nm 1600mW Blue Beam Laser Pointer Bright Powerful

Made from nickel copper alloy and comebine with an excellent 465nm laser diode, this laser flashlight can keep stable performance in continuous operation.

$359.69 | $321.48


50mW Green Beam Laser Pointer
50mW Green Beam Waterproof Pocket Mini Laser Pointer Flashlight

Mini portable waterproof laser pointer pocket 50mW green beam light.High-end brass case, heat dissipation,Widely used in outdoor and indoor activities.

$319.65 | $261.58