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High Power Laser
1000mW 2000mW(optional) Blue Laser High End High Power Laser

Kitlaser cheap sale blue laser pointer 1000mW or 2000mW , generous, fashoin and popular, high power 5 laser caps.

$99.89 | $69.87


Laser 303 Green Beam
100mW Green Laser Pointer 303 Burning Popular Multi-pattern

532nm 100mw green laser 303 beam can reach 1500 meters outside. Widely used to astronomy and any other Outdoor activities. Comes with safety laser goggles tail lock.

$115.99 | $79.99


100mW Gatlin Laser Pen
100mW Green Laser Pointer Bright Multi-Pattern Laser Single Point and 5 Laser Caps

This mini gun shape laser pointer is designed with a copper heatsink system. Gatlin is popular today, become the master of fashion.

$89.99 | $63.99


$68.45 Red Laser Pointer
200mW Laser Pointer Burning Laser For Military Kit With 5 Pattern Caps

200mw laser power is enough to burn, this laser emits a bright beam that can reach about 4000 meters, excellent for stargazing.

$89.65 | $68.45


500mW Laser Pointer $58.99
500mW Purple Burning Laser Pointer Mini Portable Gatling Gun Shape

Awesome gatling gun shape. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body are durable. Powerful performance. Can also be served as a military laser pointer.

$87.89 | $58.99


100mW Laser Flashlight

532nm 100mW Green Laser Pointer Waterproof Flashlight Designed

This 100mw green laser is wonderful for astronomy since its bright green beam at night.It has small, portable features.

$79.99 | $54.99


Price Of $50-100 Laser
445nm 1000mW Blue Laser Pointer Awesome Burning Performance

Aerometal shell, adjustable focus, gift included. It has been approved an awesome performance for burning. High power blue laser beam can reach 8000 meters away.

$99.89 | $87.59


$50-100 Laser Pointers
200mW Red 80mW Blue Double Beam Color Laser Pointer Fashion Easy Carry

Fashion and cheaper Laser Pen 200mW red 80mW blue four files, different effects made by hard aluminum .

$89.56 | $75.33