At Bredstedt's ritual in North Frisian, a policeman was hit by a laser pen and was slightly injured. The device was detached by the visitor's crowd at the exhibition site, the police said on Tuesday. The stranger only ended up attacking when a policeman was holding his hand in pain with his eyes. Regardless of whether the victim suffered permanent damage initially unclear. For serious attacks on the police involved in the investigation. The incident took place on Saturday morning.

Mainly through the cashing of the South through the net offering of this product, often have too much power, and no announcement on Wednesday how the Authority warns. The Regional Council has taken the wrong product from the market. There should be further inspection by the end of this year.

According to the authority of the department, 49 kinds of illegal equipment 85% of people more than one milliwatt capacity. This may cause eye damage and burn the skin. The country's local councils must be determined by the laser pen from the Internet, retail inspection, by year and the owner of the market and customs this year to send equipment from March to May.

100mW Green Beam Laser Pointer

The 33-year-old Bielefeld took him on the road with Babenhauser vehicles. For 23:46 car Toyota's passengers deceived him with a green laser pen at the crossroads Jöllenbecker street and Westerfeldstraße. The plane is on the windshield, the car is a field. He told the police. Officials stopped, occupied by two people, Toyota in Sudbrackstraße. The 18-year-old driver Bielefeld travels with her 27-year-old friend. The police are safe to question the pen. They emphasize that there is a significant risk of glare by laser beam. This is especially true when the beam is for road users. Because the risk is so high, passengers receive complaints of road danger interventions. The 33-year-old driver felt no adverse effects on glare.

Helicopter pilots purchase 1000mW laser pointer dazzling. In a dangerous idea came to East Styria Monday Unknown "Ace": they aimed at the laser pointer on the rescue helicopters, blinding pilots and a health care worker. "Things can always happen. It can be fired just as a malicious joke, but it is, it's a criminal offense," police spokesman Fritz Grundnig said. Aircraft blended attacks and helicopters are on the rise recently: According to the Air Safety Agency Austria, there are 15 to 20 news per year in Austria. The last unidentified person in June had so far landed at Salzburg Airport.

This limits the illegal laser pointer to be able to spend a few watts on top of the overhead power, but how will the purchase of laser power up to 380 watts? It is about 40 times more powerful than the traditional laser pointer, and it is thanks through the development of the Diamond Photonics Research Center and the Fraunhofer Institute of Diamond Cancer. Previous diamond diamonds have a peak power of about 20 watts, so this is really a big step forward.

After a Henry Coman, he flew over the police plane at the police plane to point out that the laser was arrested. Michael Pollock was arrested on Saturday night and was charged with an arrest on the plane with a report from the laser light. Investigators said the pilot reported three Chopt Road routine patrols at Dongling Road about 11 am Saturday during which someone was aiming to be able to dazzling light.

In general, the development of laser pen is good, can provide people with a lot of convenience, you can increase the fun of people's lives, or there will be no laser author products. However, should be reasonable to use, do not bring harm to yourself and others, so that the laser pen into the human forward booster, rather than a stumbling block.

Attention About Laser Pointer

The laser pen is now a common tool and toy that is loved by many young people, and used laser pointer for entertainment. However, some young users, especially those who belong to children's age, do not understand the dangers of the laser pen and are likely to cause harm to themselves and others. It is important to understand the laser pen and use the laser pen correctly.

How to use the laser pen correctly.

Because the laser pen has a certain risk, especially for outdoor use of high-power laser, the use of lithium battery laser flashlight, focusing the focus of the laser after a certain degree of burning, can cause physical damage. When used, make sure that the laser can not be aimed at others, or yourself, when careful use, be careful not to align the substance that is easy to ignite. The laser beam has a glare effect at close range. Do not close for a long time, or deliberately observe the beam, the laser beam scattered light, will make the eyes feel tired. Do not lend the laser pen to other thirds who do not understand the darling of the laser. If you have to borrow, to clearly tell each other the correct use of methods and precautions.

1: do not have curiosity, try to look at the laser pen, even if the laser is a small power.
2: Do not illuminate the crowd in public places, even if it does not cause harm, but some people do not understand, always feel that they are hurt, so as not to bring their own trouble.
3: children do not buy high-power laser pen. As parents, do not give children to buy high power laser pen. And educate children of the correct use of laser pen.
4: laser pen can not touch, to do dust and the like.