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Laser Beam for a variety of color beam applications

Do you understand the laser? Do you know where laser can be used? Do you know what the level of laser development is now? I think you may not know. If your job is related to lasers, I think you may know more. In fact, the laser is very close to our life, in our lives, the laser can be used everywhere. For example, your home TV remote control, the dark red line is the infrared, infrared laser is a kind of almost used remote control, may use the laser technology. The pointer used by the teacher and the red or green beam pointing to the blackboard are also lasers, which is by definition called the laser pen pointer. It is widely used in teaching, demonstrations, lead the way, etc., the laser pen power is generally not too much, because the laser pen beam on the human eye, the skin has a certain impact, especially for doing Demo laser pointer, the power should be more smaller, mostly in red or green.

If you are a explorer, blue laser pointer is more suitable for you, the burning blue laser pointer has a strong output power, you can easily achieve the combustion effect, when you are in the wild, you do not have a lighter, you can use your Laser pen lit, so you find the light in the dark. You can also for your guidance, the same as a flashlight, but more suitable than the flashlight for exploration. If you buy a flashlight laser pointer design, it has a hard pen body material, but also as a self-defense tool. Of course, now the blue laser beam pen also offers a variety of laser headgear, a slightly lower power laser pen can be used as party entertainment props, and now many of the bars, using a special laser light as a stage Lights, which make the bar lighting better, so that people immersed in them.

If you are an astronomy enthusiast, a green laser pointer I recommend for you. The green light is the brightest light beam, it can be more clearly point to the stars at night, this is a special experience, high power green laser pen can achieve the effect of burning, adjust the focus, you can easily ignite the match, Blow the balloon. The Green Laser Pen has a variety of styles, and the Laser 303 has a better effect experience if you want to be entertained. Gatling styled laser pen has a cool appearance, looks very high-end, just like the shape of a gun, its shape is very exciting.

If you have one or a few pets, then cheap red laser pointer is more suitable for your pet, low-power red laser pointer is widely used in teaching, demonstrations, pet toys. Your cat sees the red dot, it will be very excited toward the red dot, where you point it, where it ran, you can make it very enjoyable to play, so that your child to see the cat so fun and feel happy . If you point the light spot on the wall, you will see it jumping non-stop, but you can not catch the red dot, is not it more fun than seeing it catch a mouse? This red laser pen has low power and will not affect the cat, but still not to point people, do not give children play, because children's curiosity may use laser pointer to their eyes, which is their The eyes are not good.

Learn so much about the common application of the laser pointer of various colors, what color laser pointer do you want to buy? On this issue, you can choose to buy according to their needs, here you provide a variety of power, multi-color laser beam pen. Welcome to buy.

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