He knew that it was forbidden to take photos in the concert hall, which was a reminder to him to collect his cell phone, but he felt the opportunity was rare, and he insisted on taking photos. For the sake of "rare opportunity", he took photos of the violation, and when the staff of the concert hall photographed him with a laser pointer, he felt aggrieved that he was impolite and arrogant. How should you remind someone who has violated the rules? Is there a better way? You take photos, in violation of stipulations you satisfied, and even the entire performance order to other audience had an impact, you don't have the morality, instead, be reminded to take "courtesy" and "dignity" said, some extremely "selfish"?

Good public order is maintained by everyone. As an audience, we must speak civilization. Any violation of the regulations of the concert hall must be condemned or punished. This is not a question of whether the staff USES a 5mw laser pointer to remind them of politeness or arrogance. It is Mr Tao's own first violation of the rules. As professor yi zhongtian said, someone made a mistake and criticized him, but the wrong person didn't know his own mistakes first, and then corrected it, blaming his critics for his bad attitude. It's like a was going to fall into the water can drown, someone to pull him, injured his arm, but the life was threatened people rather than grateful to save his life, rather than blame the somebody else overexert arm hurt him, it's a speechless!

Therefore, remind the audience to converge uncivilized behavior, how can this be the remind party arrogant? Viewers like Mr Tao are arrogant, and melodramatic, in violation of the rules, is reminded of "ill-mannered" or "arrogant" hats. This is actually in the transfer of the line of sight, the word does not mention the fact that the violation is in the first place, the violation of other people reminds you that you are "justified" not? The "theater watching etiquette", known as "admission notes", is posted at the entrance of the concert hall, and as long as you can read, you won't miss it. "Without permission, do not take photos or videos." These tips are prominently displayed, and the broadcast will be prompted before the show.

532nm Green Beam Light Laser

The people who go to the concert hall to enjoy the concert, I'm afraid that the etiquette of music will be very elegant. Unfortunately, there are still audiences who do not abide by rules such as dressing, being on time, being quiet, taking pictures, eating, and clapping. Actually, with a laser pen to remind is more tactful way, if you take other tougher approach, such as cancel the qualification of ornamental, or later came under severe criticism, rebuke, etc., are more let uncivilized behavior is anathema in?

Some people say that a green laser light pointer might hurt someone who is irradiated, but it's not. The power of this kind of pen is small, namely illuminate is also "dot arrive", besides, this is also the most of the domestic theater, the concert hall remind uncivilized audience common practice. Of course, there's a long way to go before you can even get it out of the history stage with little or no laser Pointers. The civilized view, especially the high art in the domestic still belong to "small crowd", the audience's civilization quality is uneven, want to put an end to the laser pointer to remind, seem to still cannot achieve. Only when all the audiences can see the civilization can they get the laser pen to quit the theater and the concert hall.

The formation of civilized atmosphere depends on the efforts of everyone, and it is not a matter of the day. Only day after day in people's heart root, germination, take root, can finally bear fruit. Therefore, everyone should act, and one small step for everyone is a big step in the progress of the whole society. Only by doing it can we see the desired effect and contribute to civilized society. In accordance with the rules and regulations, civilized viewing can become a respected person and the social atmosphere can be better.

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