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Laser Beam for a variety of color beam applications

December,12 2017

Laser pointer, we are most familiar with the teacher to use the laser pointer. It's no stranger to us, we should have played with it when we were young, the kind of laser pen that can form a lot of patterns, kaleidoscope. These are all memories of our childhood. But what do you know about the laser pointer? The laser pointer is divided into green, blue, red, purple, yellow and so on. What are the laser pens of the light beam? Here is a brief introduction to some of the common laser Pointers.

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Ten common problems of laser engraving machine

December,12 2017

For industries that use laser engraving machines for a long time, or do-it-yourself enthusiasts, there are some problems with laser engraving. For different materials, laser engraving parameters and methods are also different. So how do you adjust these to achieve the desired effect? This period brings you to the top ten common problems of laser engraving, and provides Suggestions for different materials and machine usage.

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Understand the laser pen knowledge and the correct purchase is to use

November,28 2017

In life, we all know laser pens, the toys we used to play as a kid. Do you really understand it? Most people's impression of a laser pointer stays in the laser pointer is very dangerous, will cause harm to the human eye stage. When you look deeply into the laser pointer, you will find that in fact the laser pointer is not so terrible. As long as we know more about it, we can use it correctly and make it endanger the safety of the people. Know it before you can properly buy it and treat it correctly.

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The most common green laser pointer applications

November,27 2017

The green laser beam pen is now the most popular laser pointer, green pen other beam colors more attractive to the eye, a bright beam can be used for astronomy stargazing, can be used for gathering indoor activities, can be used for outdoor adventure, etc., One of the tools that young people now love very much. Green laser pen is also the earliest owner of the laser pen, the wide range of uses and moderate power, low price, the best choice for people to buy.

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