Blue Laser Pointers Buying Guide

As the name suggests, the blue laser pencil is emit the blue laser light beam. Blue lasers are actually the same type of ordinary laser pen that are used in Blu-ray technology. There are three main types of laser pointers: 445nm blue laser pointers, 450nm laser pointers and 465nm. Blue laser pointers built with 445nm that appear blue are similar with violet and are the last color on the visible spectrum. 465nm blue laser pointer emit a pure blue beam that is bright and powerful. Powerful blue beam lasers pen are available here, such lasers can be used at outdoor adventures. As far as presentation pointers go, if you are blue laser pointer presenter, it can be a nice change of pace to use a blue laser is best. With the lowest price to buy the best quality of goods, which is what everyone wants. Welcome to to buy, and that you will enjoy the best service.

Differences Between Blue Lasers and Green Lasers

Blue laser pen with green laser pen contrast, a green laser beam is going to look brighter because our eyes are more sensitive to green light. However, green laser pointers are not so powerful as blue laser pointers. Most blue lasers belong to ClassIV( output power more than 500mW). Blue laser flashlights are wonderful tool for adventure. The powerful output power can make it easy to light matches, send bright laser beam as signal when in trouble. If you are hesitant to buy blue or green laser pen, my suggestion is that you can still according to their own needs, because for their own is the best. But it should be noted that the blue laser pen is stronger than the green, the function is more diversified, you can use it to do a lot of crazy things, of course, can not make harm to others. You can take your love pen to take risks and so on.

Why do we chioce blue laser pen?

Everyone know laser pen,like red, green, blue and purple. Facing a lot of laser pen, how to chooes? Everybody will chioce the pen with it function and body pen and so on. Not only because the blue laser pen gives a blue beam look better, and the blue laser pen can transmit high energy. high end blue laser pen is wonderful and output power strong, and i think the beam color like sky's color, it let me feel good! kitlaser provide high quality blue laser pen, and high power blue laser pointer, high-power flashlight, output power can burning blue laser pointer.

Use high power blue laser pointer you need know

Because the blue laser pen is a lot of high-power output of the laser pointer, we must be used in particular attention to the high-power output is more likely to cause harm, in order not to let the negative impact of the laser pen affect the development of the laser And we love the laser pen, we use, we should pay attention to the following points: First of all, we do not use the person or some of the threat of exposure. Secondly, we use the high power laser pointer, to wear the necessary protective equipment. Once again, when we do not have, the battery should be demolished, placed in a safe place, do not give children get, children do not understand, will cause harm.

Hot Products List

Most Powerful Blue Laser
Most Powerful Laser Pointer 5000mW Strongest Brightest Blue Beam

Burning easily with 5000mW strongest most blue laser pointer. It can emit a brightest 445nm blue laser light by a military laser diode. Perfect for outdoor adventures

$446.99 | $419.99


3W Blue Laser Pointer
Clss IV 465nm 3000mW Bright Blue Beam Laser Flashlight Single Multi Modes Kit With Charger Battery

This 3W blue laser flashlight is popular among adventurers. Stainless steel shell + excellent red copper made laser diode.



2000mW Blue Laser Pointer
Most Fashion Multiple Colour Shell Blue Laser Pointer High Power 2000mW Burning

High power 2000mW 450nm burning blue laser pointer in kitlaser have multiple colour shell made by aviation aluminum with cheap and best quality.

$169.53 | $145.78


2W Blue Laser

2000mW Blue Laser Pointer For Military Astronomy Burning Gift Included

2Watt blue beam burning laser pointer. Adjustable focus and IPx5 waterproof level. Durable aerometal and awesome design. 8 in 1 cap and 5 starry pattern caps included.



3000mW Laser Pointer
3000mW 450nm Powerful Blue Beam Laser Pointer Hard Aluminum Back Cover With Security Key

This 3000mW Laser Pointer high power made by hard aluminum 450nm powerful versatile, issue blue beam weight 503g, Andized hard black feel good.



High Power Products

445nm blue laser pointers
2000mW 445nm High End Blue Beam Laser Pointer

High end laser diode and stable performace. Belongs to Class IV, can light matches, burn paper, and pop balloons easily.



 Blue Laser Pointer
USB Interface 3000mW Blue Laser Pen Sky-Stars Built-In Battery Shell Color Silver

Built-in battery shell color silver made by hard aluminum usb interface 3000mW high power output, let you feel good.



Blue Laser Pointer
High End 1000mW And 2000mW Blue Laser High Power Laser Single Point Sky-Stars

Blue laser pen 1000mW and 2000mW cheap sale in kitlaser, nice and generous, fashoin and popular, high power and wonderful.



2000mW Laser Pointer
2000mW Blue Beam High End Laser Pen Shell Black Fashion & Practical

Kitlaser sale cheaper 2000mW blue beam powerful high end laser pen black shell made you feel good



2500mW Blue Laser Pointer

18350 Powered Blue Laser Pointer 445nm 2500mW High Output Power

Powered by two 18350 rechargeable batteries, this blue laser flashlight own an unlimited duty cycle, which means it can keep on working until running out of power.



5000mW Laser Pointer
Sky Model 450nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer 3000mW Shaped Design Lightweight And Generous Powerful

This Laser Pointer 3000mW 450nm made in hard aluminum powerful versatile, Andized hard black feel good,issue blue beam shell color Black.



1600mW Blue Laser Flashlight

14500 Charged Blue Laser Pointer 1600mW 465nm Bright Powerful Beam

Made from nickel copper alloy and comebine with an excellent 465nm laser diode, this blue laser flashlight can keep stable performance in continuous operation.

As Low As: $321.48


2500mW Blue Laser Pointer

2500mw 445nm Blue Light Laser Pointer Nickel Copper Alloy Shell

Excellent red copper made laser diode + nickel copper alloy shell. This blue laser emits a bright 445nm beam that full of energy for stargazing and adventure



1000mW Laser Pointer

1000mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer Awesome Burning Performance

Aerometal shell, adjustable focus, gift included. It has been approved an awesome performance for burning. High power blue laser beam can reach 8000 meters away.



Best 1000mW Laser Pointer
Best 1000mW Blue Laser Pointer

1W output power, five shell colors for your choice. Excellent internal cooling system and powerful blue beam make it the most popular 1W laser at Kitlaser.



Mini Gatling Laser
USB Charging Laser Pointer 1000mW Mini Gatling Gun Shape

1000mW USB charging gatling shape laser pointer. Can be served as a move power supply. Come with full range of accessories.

$139.99 | $119.99


150mW Blue Laser
Whole Network The Smallest Small High-power Hand-held Laser 150mW Blue Beam

Short portable heat efficient design, a section of 18350 lithium battery, high power, portable, life to achieve a perfect balance. Whole Network The Smallest Small High-power Hand-held Laser 150mW Blue Beam



Blue Beam Laser
Woderful Effect Green Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer With 50mW 80mW

The most popular laser that have Woderful Effect Green Blue Double Beam Laser Pointer With 50mW 80mW, is a good thing for your entertainment and party



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  • Blue laser pencil to buy

    When you consider buying a pen of laser, you must have thought about what kind of laser pencil to buy, buy what beam color, the output power is how much, if you have decided to buy a blue beam color, then the output power will Is the second question you are going to consider, then are you thinking about it? Well, if you have a good beam and output power, then the rest is that you want to buy some of the parameters of the laser pointer, the appearance of light considerations, and now the laser pen has been very rich, kitlaser offers many types of laser pens for your choice, a pen body light and portable, there are domineering, a variety of models, you can according to their own degree of love to buy a part of your own laser pens.