High End 1000mW And 2000mW Blue Laser High Power Laser Single Point Sky-Stars

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Keywords High End | High Power
Size: 190mm x 25mm
Weight: 135g
Shell Color: Silver White
Issue Color: Blue


About this high-end and high-power laser pointer

As you can see, this laser pen has an excellent appearance and high output power to ignite, and five patterns of writing caps, which can transform graphics, are necessary for outdoor activities such as many people's parties. Not only does it have a great look, but it also has the necessary functions, bright beams, beautiful patterns, instantly making you feel high-end, and having this high end laser pointer is your best bet. If you have any questions to contact us, we will answer for you one by one, so that you can safely and safely. Go to kitlaser.com to buy to enjoy the best quality products and services, click add to cart, enjoy.

Product Advantages

1. Shape straight barrel, nice and generous
2. External focus, easy to adjust the light column thickness, spot size (very easy to focus)
3. Can use 16340 battery, large capacity, easy to buy, longer duration
4. Imported LD and accessories, increase the service life, 8000 hours or more
5. Built-in laser module to improve the cooling device, circuit board acquisition and protection design .

Use Tips

  • Battery Installation:
  • ① Unscrew the rear cover of the laser pointer.
    ② Remove the battery and prepare to place.
    ③ Place the 16340 battery negative inward, align the spring inside, and then tighten the back cover.
  • Focus Function Operation:
  • ① After the laser pointer is turned on, the focus head rotates counterclockwise, the spot becomes larger, the closer the focus is, the clockwise rotation, the spot becomes smaller and the farther the focus is.
    ② focus recognition method: counterclockwise rotation head rolling head, so that the spot becomes larger, side to see the light beam, the output of about 7 cm light beam shot the smallest point for the focus.
    ③ distance: 3000 meters.
  • Instructions:
  • ① Unscrew the rear cover of the laser flashlight.
    ② Place 2 of the 16340 battery positive (outward), with the negative inward (the head) and then tighten the back cover.
    ③ Laser flashlight turned on, turn the focus head, the spot becomes larger, will be in the vicinity of the light beam on the formation of the focus, the greater the focus from the optical port closer, then find the focus can be burning things (Note: focus In the beam on the range of movement is limited, the novice may not find the focus so that sometimes can not ignite, need to be more familiar with Oh, our baby before you will be related to the test function will be issued).
    ④ When the battery is not in use for a long time, remove the battery.
Product Spec:
Housing Material Hard Aluminum
Size 25mm x 190mm
Weight 135g
Operating Voltage DC7V
Beam Distance 3000m
Power Supply 2 x 16340 Batteries
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Warranty 12 months

Blue Laser Pointer Burning 1W Laser High Power Laser Pen 1000mW Laser Pointer High Power Blue Laser Pointer


Laser Pointer x 1
16340 Rechargeable Battery x 2
Charger x 1
Manual x 1


1. Battery pack: The laser pen's battery is facing the tip of the laser pen!
2. When used, the laser beam is absolutely not allowed to face the eyes of people and animals!
3. Laser light time is not recommended for more than 3 minutes, whether it will affect the life of LD overheating!
4. When not in use please remove the battery, put the child is not easy to get the place!
5. If you find a serious reduction in the brightness of the laser beam, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery!

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