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1000mW Green Laser 532nm
1000mW 520nm Laser Pointer High Power Output Can Easy Burning Made By Aluminum Alloy

The new good of laser pen 1000mw output powerful with 532nm was push out, emit green light bright sale and wholesale on kitlaser online shop. Provide for you of the best quality and service.

$1129.56 | $900.98


450nm Blue Laser Pointer
450nm 1000mW Sky Model Laser Pointer Blue Beam Light Hard Aluminum Material Adjustable Focus

Set in a beautiful and stylish in one 1000mw the blue Laser pen-shaped design lightweight and generous! King Kong energy battery charging easy to use. 450nm Laser Pointer Hard aluminum.

$219.89 | $194.99


USB Charging 1000mW Laser
USB Charging Laser Pointer Built-in Battery Mini Gatling Gun Shape

Serve your blue 1W laser pointer as move power supply! With a durable aircraft grade aluminium body that is more abrasion resistant, deserves five stars for stylish design.

$139.99 | $119.99


Best 1Watt Laser Pointer

Five Colors for Your Choice! Most popular 1000mW Laser Pointer

Due to the powerful 1W output power, it has an wide beam range. The adjustable focus allows for demand from pointing to burning. It's also a starry laser, 5 caps included.

$159.56 | $129.99


Noble Laser Pen 1000mW
100% Copper New Earthly 1000mW Gold Green Laser Pointer On Sale Hot

Do you have a fashion popular laser pencil? High end laser pointer is popular today,Kitlaser provide the new earthly noble laser pen 1000mW gold green made by 100% copper On Sale Hot, you deserve to have.

$939.87 | $900.99


1000mW Laser Pointer Blue
Blue Beam Light Laser Pointer 450nm 1000mW Shaped Design Lightweight And Generous Powerful

This Laser Pointer most popular made in hard aluminum powerful versatile, Andized hard black feel good, issue blue beam weight shell color silver.

$219.89 | $194.99


Red Laser Pen
Shell Silver 1000mW Red Laser Pen Single Mode & Five Modes Chioce Good Heat Dissipation

Kitlaser provide all kind of laser pen, like the Shell Silver 1000mW Red Laser Pen Single Mode & Five Modes Chioce Good Heat Dissipation, what are you waitting for, let's go.

$459.56 | $416.32


Blue Laser Pointer
High End 1000mW And 2000mW Blue Laser High Power Laser Single Point Sky-Stars

Blue laser pen 1000mW and 2000mW cheap sale in kitlaser, nice and generous, fashoin and popular, high power and wonderful.

$99.89 | $69.87


1000mW Blue Laser Flashlight

445nm 1000mW Blue Beam Laser Pointer Starry Caps and Gift Included

Awesome appearance combine with excellent laser diode. Aerometal shell and Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black surface treatment.

$99.89 | 87.59


3 in 1 1000mW Laser Pen

303 Mode 1W Blue Laser Pointer Come with Green and Red Beam 3 in 1

RGB 3 in 1 Laser Pointer. Three colors in one. This laser pointer 1000mW comes with safety lock and five starry pattern caps, it's a creative gift for family and friends.

$229.99 | $156.89