2000mW Gatlin Shape Blue Laser

2W 445nm Blue Laser Flashlight For Military Bright Burning Beam

Military laser pointer 2Watt blue beam. Adjustable focus and IPx5 waterproof level. Durable aerometal and awesome design. Anti-battery polarity reverse protection.

$139.89 | $119.99


Powerful Laser Flashlight Blue

World's Most Powerful Military Laser Pointer Strongest Beam For Burning

Strongest output power 5000mW / 5W laser pointer that burns. 100% duty cycle. Military grade laser diode and brightest burning laser beam will be perfect for adventures.

$446.99 | 419.99


3W Blue Laser Pointer

3W Military Laser Pointer Blue Beam Single / Multi Mode For Your Choice

It owns an excellent 465nm laser diode, which is made of red copper and can emit a powerful laser beam for burning. It has been one of the most popular burning laser

$599.99 | $559.08


200mW Red Laser

KitLaser ARES Series Military Grade Laser Pointer 200mW Red Beam

ARES Series laser pointer is famous for its military grade design. IPx5 Liquid ingress protection. Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black surface treatment.

$89.65 | $68.45


High end 2W Laser

High-end Military Laser Pointer KitLaser ARES Series 2W Blue Laser

Excellent laser diode. 100% duty cycle. Wonerful heat-efficient. Aerometal shell, durable and tough. 2W output power is perfect for adventure.

$159.68 | $129.85


1600mW Laser Flashlight

1600mW 465nm Bright Blue Beam Laser Pointer For Military Use

Stainless steel shell. Focus adjustable. IPX-5 waterproof level. Unlimited duty cycle. Excellent cooling system, heat dissipation with high efficiency.

$429.67 | $409.33


Powerful 300mW Green Laser

300mW Military Laser Pointer Green Beam Focus Adjustable Durable Shell

Long endurance and serving time. Military-grade aluminium alloy shell. Hard-anodized oxidation finish. IPX5 waterproof standard. Full range of accessories.

$178.98 | $158.78


Burning 300mW Laser

300mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Focus Adjustable Military Grade

Aerometal shell with Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in silver treatment. Full range of accessories: laser goggles + battery + charger.

$219.65 | $189.59


500mW Purple Beam Laser

500mW Gatling Shape Military Laser Pointer Purple Beam

Durable hard-anodized aluminum shell. Excellent tri-dimensional heat dissipation ability. IPx4 waterproof standard. 500mW ultra powerful output power.

$87.89 | $58.99


1W Blue Burning Laser

Awesome 1W Blue Military Laser Flashlight Light Matches Cigarettes

Emits 1W ultra powerful burning beam. 4500m-8000m beam distance. 100% duty cycle. Aerometal shell. Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black surface treatment.

$99.89 | $87.59


USB Charging Gatling Laser

Mini Gatling Gun Shape USB Charging Laser Pointer Built-in Battery

IPx4 waterproof grade. Built-in battery can charge many kinds of electronic products with usb-cable. Wonderful for outdoor activities.

139.99 | $119.99


Copper Laser Pointer 3000mW

3000mW 6 in 1 Blue Beam Military Laser Pointer Copper Shell

3Watt output power. Overheat protection. Reverse polarity protection. Copper shell military laser. Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.