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Green Beam 2 in Laser
60mW Green Laser Pointer Kit With Battery + Charger + Pattern Cap

This kitlaser 60mw laser pointer comes with a star cap, it can show wonderful patterns at night. Based on that, many people buy this 60mW laser for parties.

$89.59 | $57.48


Red Beam 2 in 1 Laser Pointer
2 in 1 Laser Pointer: Green Laser Pointer 60mW + Red Laser Pointer 100mW

This 2 in 1 laser 60mw belongs to "Laser 303", a famous laser pointer series. Get one laser with two colors, kitlaser will offer you the best after-sale service!

$159.99 | $89.99


3 in 1 Laser Pen Red
60mW Green Laser + 200mW Red Laser + 1000mW Blue Laser 3 in 1

An upgraded version of the classic "Laser 303". It devlivers a bright 60mw beam that can be used for astronomy at night. Besides, it can also emit red and blue beam.

229.99 | $156.89