303 Mode Class 3B Red Green Beam 2 in 1 Laser Pointer


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Output Power Red 100mW / Green 60mW
Laser Body Laser 303 Mode
Size 20mm x 147mm
Net Weight 95g


The Kitlaser 303RG is an upgraded version of the classic "Laser 303", now can emit red and green beam. Still offering the same durable and anti-skid aluminum alloy body, it is bound to be just as popular with adventurers and someone who want amusement. It has a great combination of bright light, compact size and low cost. A quick cycle switch allows you to select between green or red beam settings, giving you the option to choose the right color for your application.

Beam Light Mode

Red Beam, Green Beam, Red+Green Beam

Unlock your laser

  • Rotate your key to point at green point(red point~lock)

How to use?

  • Press the mid switch once to get red beam
  • Press twice to get green beam
  • Press three times you will see green and red beam at the same time
  • Based on the above steps, press one more time you will turn if off

Green Red Laser Beam Light Single Laser Pointer Beam Green Laser Starry Pattern Red Beam Laser Pattern Powerful 303 Laser Laser Pointer Safety Lock 303 Laser Battery Insert Head of Laser Red Beam Laser 303 Laser Pointer Green Beam

Product Spec
Model KL-303RG
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Output Power Green 60mW / Red 100mW
Wavelength 532nm / 650nm
Laser Class Class 3B
Power Supply 1x 18650 Battery
Beam Distance Red(1000~1500m) / Green(800~1200m)
Warranty 1 Year

Laser Pointer x 1
18650 Rechargeable Battery x 1
Charger x 1
Manual x 1


  • Please insert your battery correctly before turn it on
  • Never look directly at laser beam.
  • When you use it as an astronomy laser, please look out for aircraft
  • Please charge your battery as long as the beam become weak
  • Avoid exposing it to your children
  • Fetch battery out when not in use

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