Most Popular 1000mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer Five Starry Pattern Lenses Included


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Output Power: 1000mW (1Watt)
Beam Color: Blue
Weight: 260g
Size: 185mm x 25mm


Here comes the most popular 1W (Watt) blue laser pointer. This KL-A1000 laser is so popular that always in a state of OUT OF STOCK. In order to satisfied our customers, we've purchased enough such laser. Based on the black shell, four more shell colors are available here: Blue, Red, Gold, Silver. Choose your favorite color and order now!


  • Excellent internal cooling system. The built-in cooling system is made of copper, this is the Most Effective heat-dissipating metal. Different from other lasers, this laser has a 100% Duty Cycle.

  • Strong power in strong body. This laser belongs to Class IV, it can light matches instantly. The shell is made of Aerometal, it's tactile and tough. It will be a wonderful tool at outdoor adventure (make fire, or send SOS).

  • High efficiency laser with low divergence. This energy efficiency laser can be used at many fields. It is operable at a wide operating temperature range(-5~40 ℃) with enhanced beam quality.

Product Spec:
Brand KitLaser
Model KL-A1000
Shell Material Aerometal
Size 185mm x 25mm
Weight 260g
Class IV / 4
Wavelength 445nm
Output Power 1000mW
Focus Adjustable Yes
Power Supply 2 pcs 16340 Li-ion Batteries
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Warranty 12 Months

Five Lenses Pattern Laser Battery Install 2000mW Laser Display 2Watt Laser Size Adjust Focus Powerful 2000mW laser 2000mW Laser Package

Packing List
1x 1000mW Laser
1x Laser Goggles
5x Starry Pattern Lenses
2x 16340 Batteries
1x Charger
1x Aluminum box

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