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Purple laser pointers own a wavelength of 405nm, these lasers also be called "blue-violet laser pointers". This is close to ultraviolet, bordering on the very extreme of human vision. Purple beam is similar to blue beam, you can get powerful blue-violet laser pointers at kitlaser and use them to to pop balloons and light matches. It'll bring a lot entertainmeng to you. Have a variety of types of patterns of laser pen, welcome to shop to buy.

About Kitlaser Blue-Violet Lasers

We combine high-quality materials and proprietary laser technology to create the highest level purple laser pointers on the market. Our purple lasers covers wide range of applications, include presentation, pets amusement, stargazing, burning and more. All of our blue-violet laser pointers are come with real output power and reliable quality.

Purple Beam Laser Diode Introduction

Purple lasers employ laser diode of 405nm. 405nm laser diode can provide excellent linearity from low to high output at high temperatures, and reduces the unevenness of beam divergence. Laser pointers with 405nm are always used at research fileds. Some purple laser pointers can also be used at a laser light show.

Under 5mW, purple lasers can be visible for thousands of feet in optimal conditions, which makes them completely viable for shining into the starry sky and more than capable of handling classroom pointing duties. If you’re looking for a more exotic laser, violet is the way to go.

Products List

500mW Gatling Laser Pointer
500mW Mini Gatling Gun Shape Burning Laser Pointer

Awesome gatling gun shape. Strong and powerful performance. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body are durable. Can also be served as a military laser pointer.



300mW Green Laser Pointer
Multi-pattern 532nm 300mW Green Laser Pointer Single Point 5 Heads Of Stars

A have single point 5 heads of stars and multi-pattern green laser pointer with 532nm 300mw was popular today in kitlaser shop



50mW Purple Laser Pen
50mW 6 in 1 Purple | Blue-Violet Beam Laser Pen

"Single beam + 5 patterns" 6 in 1 laser pen. Wonderful purple color starry patterns. Widely used at all kinds of parties. It's also a creative gift for family and friends.



Purple Laser Pen
Cheaper Blue 80mW Purple 100mW Red 200mW Laser Pointer By Your Choice

Kitlaser sale cheap purple blue red laser pen that you like, if you want have one, please come and buy it, we will offer the best service for you.



200mW Red Laser Pen
Mini Flashlight 100mW Purple 200 Red Beam Laser Pointer Small And Exquisite Feel Good

Kitlaser sale and wholesale mini flashlight 100mW purple 200 red beam laser pointer small and exquisite feel good, kitlaser is your best chioce.



Purple Laser Pointer
Sale Cheap Small Easy To Carry 100mW Purple Laser Pointer Made By Hard Aluminum

This laser pen Sale Cheap in kitlaser, Small Easy To Carry 100mW Purple Laser Pointer Made By Hard Aluminum, enjoy the best service.



100mW Laser Pointer
8 in 1 Multi-Pattern 100mW Purple Laser Pen Single Point And 5 Heads Of Stars

This purple laser pen with 8 in 1 multi-pattern single point and 5 heads of stars 100mw in kitlaser



50mW Purple Laser Pointer
Copper Shell Black 50mW Purple Pen Shape Laser Pointer 405nm Bright Beam

This 405nm 50mW purple laser pointer employs an excellent laser diode, it projects a bright green beam light that can reach about 500m-10000m away. Powered by two AAA battries.



Purple Red Laser Pointer

100mW 405nm Purple Beam Pen Shape Laser Pointer USB Charging

This 100mw purple laser pointer designed with a built-in battery with 42 hours of battery life. Two shell colors are avaible here: black and blue.



Blue Laser Pointer 450nm
1000mW 450nm Sky model Blue Beam Laser Pointer Hard aluminum material Adjustable focus

The Blue Laser pen-shaped design lightweight and generous! King Kong energy battery charging easy to use. 450nm Laser Pointer Hard aluminum.



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1. At room temperature, you can start to use the most bright, continuous light not more than 30 seconds.

2.The laser pointer is harmful to the eyes, do not look at the eyes, the power of more than 30mw green pen, do not look at the human body, remember!

3.Please keep this product away from children, to prevent the use of improper use of children dangerous. It is best not to use the time, the battery removed to save another, so even if the children come into contact, because no battery can not use.

4.If you find a serious reduction in the brightness of the laser beam, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery.

5.Wear laser goggles at the appropriate wavelength when using lasers indoors or at close range! Avoid direct eyes with eyes!

6.Fetch the battery out when not in use.