Cheaper Blue 80mW Purple 100mW Red 200mW Laser Pointer By Your Choice


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Size 175mm x 15mm
Weight Blue 48g | Purple 48g | Red 45g
Output Power Blue 80mW | Purple 100mW | Red 200mW
Warranty 12 Months


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  • There are three laser pens for you to choose from, include blue 80mw, purple 100mw, red 200mw.
  • Made by aluminum alloy.
  • Use 2 batteries on the 7th.
  • Lightweight and generous.

Product Spec
Brand KitLaser
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Size 175mm x 15mm
Weight Blue 48g | Purple 48g | Red 45g
Power Supply 2 * 7 Batteries
Warranty 12 Months

Red Laser Pointer 80mW Blue Laser Pointer 100mW Purple Laser Pointer 200mW Red Laser Package 200mW Laser Pointer 100mW Laser pen Blue Laser Pen


1 x Laser Pointer
1 x Gift Box
2 x 7th Batteries

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Laser pointers with green light are most commonly used. Green laser beam is much brighter than the other beams, this is why it has been so popular within the years. Kitlaser offer you all kinds of green lasers. These range from the small pocket sized green laser pen to green laser flashlights.If you want a laser for presentation, a small pen shape laser or other pocket laser pointer will be perfect. If you want to use them for entertainment such as making a fire, astronomy stargazing, a high power green laser pointer will be your best choice!


1. At room temperature, you can start to use the most bright, continuous light not more than 30 seconds.

2.The laser pointer is harmful to the eyes, do not look at the eyes, the power of more than 30mw green pen, do not look at the human body, remember!

3.Please keep this product away from children, to prevent the use of improper use of children dangerous. It is best not to use the time, the battery removed to save another, so even if the children come into contact, because no battery can not use.

4.If you find a serious reduction in the brightness of the laser beam, please pay attention to the battery charge or replace the battery.

5.Wear laser goggles at the appropriate wavelength when using lasers indoors or at close range! Avoid direct eyes with eyes!

6.Fetch the battery out when not in use.