2000mW Blue Beam High End Laser Pen Shell Black Fashion & Practical

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Output Power: 2000mW (2Watt)
Shell Color: Black
Issue Color: Blue

What is a blue laser pen?

A blue laser pen is one of the laser pen, it's issue blue beam and almost 450nm. Blue laser pen include a lot of power, The greater the output power, the farther the range. And the powerful laser pointer can be a match, smoke, point of paper, candles, point of hay, wild survival ignition. It's useful and convenience. Of course we use it should be careful.

What laser pointer we sale?

Kitlaser is a professional sales laser pointer. We adhere to the principle of customer first, customer first sense of service. We provide the best after-sale service, let you shopping feel good. Also we sale cheaper than other shop.


Why do you want a Laser Pen? Why do you want a Blue Laser Pen? Why do you chioce Kitlaser shop? Because laser pen is popular, fashion, practical. The blue laser pen is wonderful. The Kitlaser In the peer is the best, sale cheaper, best quality and best after-sale service. So i think you are chioce is right. The high end blue laser pen 2000mW,it have black shell. Have enough power, rangs in 500m to 10000m. Single point of focus can be a match, smoke, point of paper, candles, point of hay, wild survival ignition. It's belong a must tool where do you go.

Product Spec:
Brand KitLaser
Shell Material Aerometal
Output Power 2000mW
Class IV / 4
Beam Distance 500m-10000m
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Power Supply 1 pcs 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
Warranty One Year

2000mW Laser Display 2Watt Laser Size Single Point Laser Pen 8 in 1 Multi-Pattern Laser Pen High Power Laser Pen Powerful 2000mW laser

Packing List
Num Heading
1 2000mW Laser Pointer
1 Protective Glasses
1 Safety Goggles
1 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 Charger
1 Aluminum box

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