laser 50mW
50mW Pen Shape Green Dot Laser Pointer 532nm Beam

Wonderful tool for presentation, green dot laser pen is popular among pen style lasers. Lightweight and easy to control, it's a good whip tool, you'll love it!

$28.59 | $43.43


50mW Purple Laser Pen
405nm 50mW Purple Laser Pointer Kit With Five Star Pattern Lenses

This 50mW purple laser pointer is really a great gift. Because five laser lenses are included with this laser. These laser lenses can projects amazing patterns.

$53.89 | $79.69


50mW Green 532nm Waterproof Diving Laser Pointer

200mW 532nm green laser pointer class 3B laser, flashlight shape, focus is adjustable, powered by one 18650 battery.

$139.99 | $159.99


50mW Purple Laser Pointer
50mW Purple Pen Shape Laser Pointer Copper Shell Black

This 50mW purple laser pointer employs an excellent laser diode, it projects a bright purple beam light that can reach about 500m-10000m away.

$45.89 | $63.45


Green Laser Pointer 50mW 100mW
Hard Aluminum 50mW 100mW Green Laser Pointer With 1 18650 Battery

Energy saving 50mW 100mW Green Laser Pointer 18650 battery on sale with cheap greatly reduced, come and buy it in kitlaser online

$25.89 | $69.99


50mW Green Beam Laser Pointer
50mW Green Beam Waterproof Pocket Laser Pointer Flashlight

Mini portable waterproof laser pointer pocket 50mW green beam light.High-end brass case, heat dissipation,Widely used in outdoor and indoor activities.

$261.58 | $319.65


Red Green 2 in 1 Laser Pointer
50mW Green Light Laser Pointer Shell Color Black Back Cover Button Switch Hard Aluminum

Green light Laser pen 50mW cheaper and best quality let you feel good, It's you are best chioce, made by hard aluminum .

$27.86 | $39.99


Yellow Laser Pointer
50mW Yellow Laser Pointer 589nm Portable Pen Shape Style

The pocket size single pointer fixed focus yellow laser pointer 50mw power pen shape style portable. Use in Teaching and Lectures.Astronomy enthusiasts.Museums, Gallery guides, and so on.

$399.99 | $900.16


 Green Laser Pointer
White Copper Green Laser Pointer Output Power 50mW Waterproof Design Adjustable Focus

50mW Green Laser Pointer made with white copper waterproof design adjustable focus, small and easy to carry, it's you best chioce and go to buy it .

$259.58 | $289.68


Red Green 2 in 1 Laser Pointer
Popular Double Beam Green 50mw Red 200mw Laser Pen Shell Silver Gold Black Made In Hard Aluminum

50mW/200mW double beam green red laser pointer Fashion and cheaper four files, different effects made by hard aluminum .

$48.67 | $65.78


Blue Beam Laser
50mW Green 80mW Blue Double Beam Woderful Effect Laser Pointer Lower Price

Double beam laser pointer most popular laser that have Woderful Effect Green Blue With 50mW 80mW, is a good thing for your entertainment and party

$78.67 | $99.69


50mW Green Laser Pointer
AAA Battery Charged 50mW Pen Shape Laser Pointer 532nm Green Beam Light For Presentation

This 50mW laser pen employs an excellent 532nm laser diode, powered by two AAA battries, it projects a bright green beam light that can reach about 1000m away.

$32.50 | $58.75