High end 2W Laser
3000mW 445nm Blue Astronomy Laser Pointer Bright Powerful Burning Beam

It has a maximum output of 3000mW blue beam from a high-end laser diode and comes with 2 pcs rechargeable 16340 lithium-ion batteries.

$129.85 | $159.68


300mW Green Laser Pointer
Multi-pattern 532nm 300mW Green Laser Pointer Single Point 5 Heads Of Stars

A have single point 5 heads of stars and multi-pattern green laser pointer 300mw 532nm was popular today in kitlaser shop

$125.99 | $169.99


Blue Laser Pointer
High End 1000mW And 2000mW Blue Laser High Power Laser Single Point Sky-Stars

Blue laser pen 1000mW and 2000mW cheap sale in kitlaser, nice and generous, fashoin and popular, high power and wonderful.

$69.87 | $99.89


Most Powerful Laser Flashlight
World's Most Powerful Laser Pointer Strongest Brightest Laser Beam

100% duty cycle. An ultra-powerful astronomy laser pointer, powered by two 26650 Lithium-Ion batteries with a Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black finish.

419.99 | $446.99


100mW Laser 303 Green Pointer
532nm 100mW Bright Laser 303 Green Astronomy Laser Pointer

100mW bright burning beam is perfecft for outdoor activities. Widely used as astronomy laser pointer, bright beam can reach almost 1500m away. Mulit-pattern for fun is best.

$79.99 | $93.99


Green Beam 2 in Laser

80mW 532nm Green Beam 2 in 1 Laser Pointer For Astronomy

The most popular 80mW green laser pointer. This astronomy laser deploys a highly radiation efficient laser diode for stable brightness at all conditions.

$57.48 | $89.59


50mW Green Beam Laser Pointer
50mW Green Beam Waterproof Pocket Laser Pointer Flashlight

Mini portable waterproof laser pointer pocket 50mW green beam light.High-end brass case, heat dissipation,Widely used in outdoor and indoor activities.

$261.58 | $319.65


100mW Greem Laser

100mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Super Bright Beam For Astronomy

With 100mw output power, this laser can emit a bright green beam that is clear and full of energy. It's wonderful for stargazing, besides, it features waterproof.

$58.99 | $79.99


Blue 3000mW Laser Pointer
3000mW 450nm Powerful Blue Beam Laser Pointer Hard Aluminum Back Cover With Security Key

This Laser Pointer made in hard aluminum 3000mW 450nm powerful versatile, issue blue beam weight 286g, Andized hard black feel good.

$244.99 | $256.78


Powerful 300mW Green Laser

300mW Green Beam Astronomy Laser Pointer Focus Adjustable Military Grade

6 in 1 Laser Pointer: beam light + 5 starry patterns. Green beam is the most visible beam for human beings. You will see ultra bright green laser beam at night.

$158.78 | $178.98


3 in 1 Laser Pen

Red Green Blue Beam 3 in 1 Laser Pointer For Astronomy Laser 303 Mode

Designed from a 303 laser mode. Red 200mW / Green 60mW / Blue 1000mW. All three colors can be wonderful for astronomy, and will give you an accurate guidement.

$156.89 | $229.99


USB Laser Pointer 40mW
Output Power 40mW Aluminum Alloy USB Green Beam Laser Pointer Multiple Colour

Kitlaser provide a new usb laser pointer output power 40mw issue green beam , have multiple colour offer you select come into and buy it . So cool.

$32.50 | $49.69


Yellow Laser Pointer
50mW Yellow Laser Pointer 589nm Portable Pen Shape Style

The pocket size single pointer fixed focus yellow laser pointer 50mw power pen shape style portable. Use in Teaching and Lectures.Astronomy enthusiasts.Museums, Gallery guides, and so on.

$699.99 | $900.16


Red Laser Pointer Multiple-Colour
2017 Cheaper 650nm 200mW Laser Pointer Emit Red Beam Varieties Color

200mW red laser pointer multiple colour black red blue gold on hot sale kitlaser come and buy one you will feel good i believe.

$45.36 | $79.58


3000mW Laser Pointer
Sky Model 450nm Blue Beam Laser Pointer 3000mW Shaped Design Lightweight And Generous Powerful

This Laser Pointer 3000mW 450nm made in hard aluminum powerful versatile, Andized hard black feel good,issue blue beam shell color Black.

$244.99 | $256.78


Laser Flashlight 100mW
High Quality 100mW Green Laser Flashlight Bright Beam For Astronomy

Powered by one 16340 li-ion rechargeable battery, this laser pointer emits a bright 100mw green laser light that is wonderful for astronomy stargazing at night.

$69.99 | $99.87