300mW Green Laser Pointer
Multi-pattern 532nm 300mW Green Laser Pointer Single Point 5 Heads Of Stars

A have single point 5 heads of stars and multi-pattern green laser pointer 300mw 532nm was popular today in kitlaser shop

$125.99 | $169.99


Burning 300mW Laser
300mW Green Laser Pointer Powerful Beam For Burning

Utilises a unique cooling system design. Charging is fast and efficient. Aerometal durable body. Powered by one 18650 battery, with a maximum output of 300mW.

$178.99 | $219.99


Laser 303 Green Beam
532nm 100mW Green Beam Laser + 5 Star Lenses + 8 in 1 Lens

Comes with safety laser goggles and tail lock. A bright green beam can reach 1500 meters outside. Widely used to point at astronomy and any other outdoor adventures.

$79.99 | $115.99


laser pen 5mW
5mW Green Pen Shape Laser Pointer 532nm Bright Beam

Wonderful tool for presentation. 5mW green dot laser pen is popular among pen style lasers. Lightweight and easy to control, you'll love it!

$18.59 | $36.69


100mW Green Laser

Green Laser Pointer 100mW 532nm Waterproof Class IIIB Laser

Green laser pointer is brighter than other laser pointers for human beings. This 100mw green laser is wonderful for astronomy since its bright green beam at night.

$58.99 | $79.99


Mini Green Laser Pen
30mW 532nm Green Beam Laser Pointer With Mini Size

This mini laser pointer is designed with a copper heatsink system. Powered by 10440 li-ion rechargeable battery, it emits a 30mW bright green beam that is great for pointing.

$147.27 | $189.59


30mW Green Laser Pen
30mW 532nm Pen Style Green Laser Pointer Single Light Stainless Steel Shell

Compact design for daily use. Such slim pen shape laser pointer is popular among teachers and speakers. Stainless steel shell makes it durable and tough.

$21.78 | $58.33


800mW Laser Pointer Green
The First 800mW Laser Pen Kitlaser Sale 532nm Green Beam Laser With Best Quality

The first of push out 800mw laser pointer on kitlaser have a unique place, it have a high price that you can know is best quality,issue green beam light laser pointer brightest with 532nm wavelenght.

$1350.87 | $1869.68


300mW Starry Laser
300mW 532nm 5 in 1 Starry Laser Pointer

300mW output power is enough to burn ordinary combustibles. It can be transformed into starry laser pointer (5 starry pattern caps included).

$158.78 | $178.98


50mW Green Laser Pointer
AAA Battery Charged 50mW Pen Shape Laser Pointer 532nm Green Beam Light For Presentation

This pen shape laser pointer is durable and tough since its aerometal made shell. With a bright green beam, you can point at any places you desired.

$32.50 | $58.75