Red Laser Pointer 1000mW Laser Pen Red Laser Pen 1000mW

Shell Silver 1000mW Red Laser Pen Single Mode & Five Modes Chioce Good Heat Dissipation

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Mode Single / Multi
Shell Material Stainless Steel
Size 250mm x 35mm
Weight: 450g


The 1000mW Red Laser Pointer Pen standard package corresponding to a laser flashlight, Sanyo with a protective board 18650 lithium battery 2, SANWU quality double charger one, definitely your ideal choice! It generates an ultra bright red laser beam up to 1000mW. It is also a fun and useful product that works in a variety of areas, such as sky pointing, illumination, indicating, alignment, and more. Its compact, lightweight size is easy to carry. Besides, You can even use it to light a match or cigarette. Click and buy now!


  • Shell material: focus attack head tail switch battery barrel are stainless steel (metal color is not afraid of the use of wear and tear), cooling module is aluminum anode color (thermal heat better)
  • Internal laser module: copper (thermal conductivity to better extend the life of laser tube)
  • Power supply: two 18650 lithium battery (with a protective plate tip actual length of 69 mm or so)
  • Birth ring: brass
  • Attack head can be focus, the light port with dust lenses, the overall structure of life waterproof
  • Single mode is the laser is open full power
  • Five mode is a low power, medium power, burst flash, full power, SOS flash
Product Spec
Brand KitLaser
Output Power 1000mW
Size 35mm * 250mm
Weight 450g
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Beam Color Red
Class IV/4
Power Supply 2 x Built-in Battery
Warranty 12 Months

Powerful 465nm Burning Laser  Red Laser Pen Detial 1000mW Laser Pen 1W Blue Laser


  • 1 x 1000mW Red Laser Pen
  • 2 x 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • 1 x Charger


Now, more and more laser pointers and flashlights sold in the market are class IV/4 with a power over 1000mW. But when the laser directly penetrates into the eyes, there may be some damage. Especially to some high power laser pointers, diffuse light probably damage the eyes, the focus are more likely to ignite flammable materials. Therefore laser pointers are not a toy, not suitable for children. When operating high-power laser, wear special secure glasses would be safe, especially for the invisible laser. In a word, no matter how much power the laser power is, you need to avoid hitting into your eyes.

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