High End 445nm 2000mW Blue Beam Laser Pointer Military Grade Laser Diode Powerful Burning Focus Adjustable + 5 Pattern Caps + Laser Goggles

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Wavelength 445nm
Power 2000mW
Color Blue
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As a high-end laser pointer, it is powerful and you can light up a match easily. You can use this super bright 2000mW portable Blue laser pointer for fluorescence excitation, direction indicator at long distance, tracks detection and star pointing.Made of aluminum alloy, ensure its good heat dissipation effect! Its performance determines its wide application in many fields.


  • Military Grade Laser Diode: Utilization of Germany laser diode makes this laser works pretty well even at extreme environment. It makes the 2000mw laser pointer stable performance in the continuous operation.
  • Strong Power: Burning, lighting matches, blasting balloons,adventure.
  • 5 Pattern Caps:The laser pattern caps of 5 modes can form different patterns.
Technical Specs:
Brand KitLaser
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Wavelength 445nm
Power 2000mW
Color Blue
Weight 700g
Dimensions 222mm x 23mm
Security Level IV
Switch Push Button Operating
Laser Ranging 7000-10000m
Power Supply 2 x 16340 Batteries
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +40 ℃
Storage Temperature -10 ~ +45 ℃
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Warranty 12 months

Laser Pen Blue 2W Blue 2000mW Laser Pointer Laser Pointer 2W 2Watt Laser Pen Shape Blue Best Laser Pen 2000mW Blue Laser Package Five Pattern Lenses Pattern 2 Watt Laser Pointer Powerful Burning 2000mW laser Burning Laser Pen Blue 2W

Our Guarantees

We guarantee that your laser pen will not be defective for a full year after receipt. We guarantee a seven-day refund policy. One year warranty, satisfactory service for you.

Packing List

  • 1 x 2000mW Laser Pointer
  • 1 x Laser Goggles
  • 5 x Pattern Caps
  • 2 x 16340 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Aluminum Box

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