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The laser pen has a small body design, but has a powerful output power, not a toy, not to use a laser pointer to point people, glass and other items. On TV, in newspapers and on the news media, we can see a lot of damage caused by incorrect use of the laser pen. Especially in children, children use laser pens as toys, causing their eyes to hurt, and some even blind.

While it should not be said, we hate to see these types of stories, especially when they are more and more reported. We are talking about the increase of the pilot's laser interference during takeoff and landing. Last year there were nearly 3,900 incidents, more than 10 times more than in 2006 and 384. Why people are forced to do it, we're not sure.

Now we know what you think, "that's why children and teenagers shouldn't use laser Pointers." Well, here's the kicker: most of the people caught and convicted are adults, adults! Just this spring, a man was arrested in New York City and pointed out laser Pointers on two police helicopters and a plane.

While we would like to see more people showing up for these careless and careless actions, we know that this doesn't completely solve the biggest problems at hand. Events in the past decade due to the laser and aircraft appeared so much of the peak, we can not help but ask, the faa and the airline is taking steps to solve the increasingly serious problem.

Laser pen is widely used in astronomy, you can use a green laser handheld pointer to point to the stars, observing the stars, but you can't use laser pointer to point to a plane, can bring serious hidden danger to the safety of the aircraft.

In the laser field, we can stay ahead in laser technology. We can't help but ask how long it will take for aircraft, helicopters and other vulnerable aircraft to be equipped with laser safety Windows. The Windows we tested and sold had several different optical strengths and densities, ranging from 18% to 68%. Although this may not be the airline's most urgent work, especially the financial aspect, but we know that this will allow the pilot operation and command landing aircraft owners zero interference laser irresponsible and irresponsible. At the very least, perhaps a pilot should keep a pair of laser safety glasses on hand? What do you think?