1000mW Laser Pointer Fixed Focus 532nm High Quality Green Lasers

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Color Green Laser
Output Power 1000mW
Wavelength 532nm
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Tips: Please do not trust the cheap green laser pointers marked as 2000mW+ on the market, which is 100% false power. We guarantee that all lasers in this store are real power.

Product Spec:

Dimensions 40mm(Dia.) x200mm(Length )
Net Weight 380g Without Batts
Power Supply 2x16340s/RCR123A - 3.6V+
Working Voltage 4.2V
Diode Life Time 6000 Hours
Beam Divergence 2mrad+
Beam Diameter At aperture 3mm; adjustable to bigger
Transverse Mode Muti Mode
Operating Mode CW for Mechanical Switch
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
Warranty 12 Months

Packing Lists:

1 x 1000mW Green Laser Pointer
1 x Safety Goggles
2 x 16340 Batteries
5 x Starry Caps
1 x Charger
1 x Aluminum Box

Product Pictures:

Comparison For Laser Pointer Burning Power
LEVEL Minimum Power
Laser beam dot is visible 5mW
Laser beam is visible at night 10mW
Laser beam is visible in day light 30mW
Can burn holes in black plastic 50mW
Pop black or dark balloons 80mW
Light matches 90mW
Can burn/cut black tape 100mW
Melt rubber and some plastics 150mW

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