Laser pointers or laser flashlights have been around for more than 30 years. In recent years, some child abuse, laser pointer events caused personal injury accident, mainly is the eye, because our eyes curious about new things to compare, this caused the attention of academia and ophthalmic community. Because of the intense focus of the laser, the power to transmit the power, and the result of the warming, it can cause the retinal burn, causing the eyesight to drop. It's even blind.

A small, portable laser pointer, and a few small, lightweight goods range over 50 metres in a new adventure for children and teenagers, which has already been popular with the students. Normally, the laser pointer is divided into four parts, two less (0.4 to 1 mW). As long as the exposure time is not long, the eyes and skin usually do not harm the human body, but the laser pen with more than 50 milliwatts is more powerful, and the human experience causes some harm. Now, due to lack of supervision, the number of laser Pointers on campus is 100 to 300 years, and every year, these students buy a lot of lasers that are powerful enough to light matches, firecrackers and paper, and even fire. Coupled with the lack of necessary self-protection awareness, these dangerous events are emerging. But with the development of the laser pointer, countries also with the laser pen products for certain management, effectively prevent these events, but will still occur.

The laser system is classified as class I laser (no damage) to IV laser (cutting thick steel plate) according to the possible degree of damage. According to the European Union EN-60825 standard and "general product safety 2005", the relevant regulations of ordinary civil laser products are only related to the requirement that I or II class I laser products have no biological hazard, and the output power of less than 1mm watts of II laser products. According to the danger category of laser products, like laser products under certain conditions, a laser pointer, like a IIIA laser, is more than 50mW, causing blindness and other eye damage.

At present, the common problem in high strength laser pointer market, most product power between 1-5000 mw, and some even more than 5000 mw, the public security caused great problems. The main reason is that manufacturers, distributors and consumers don't have a laser safety awareness, a laser product that's focused on light, but can ignore laser damage.

To that end, the inspection and quarantine department, the laser designator and the other civilian laser manufacturer's safe zones to remember, not only the pursuit of product performance but the use of the harmful products, laser power control products.

To sum up, the laser pen damage events or how to use, reasonable use, laser pen is people's good partner, good tools; Improper use will also endanger people's safety. As long as each of us is properly used, the laser pen will have to go a lot further.

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