Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular laser pen, because the green beam spent more than six times more than red light bright, red beam is not so obvious, and more advantageous than the blue and yellow. Users usually use a best laser pointer for astronomy green beam light.

The green light has a wavelength of 532 nanometers, and the laser type is the IIIA class, using two AAA batteries. Green laser pointer brightness is relatively objective, so the eye risk is relatively high, the power is higher, the danger is bigger. Generally 5 mw, 10 mw is commonly used, the American market by special permission need more than 5 mw 5 mw laser pointer. There are no strict restrictions in the country that require us to pay special attention to the safety of our users, not to point to the eyes or other vulnerable areas, to avoid pointing at people, and to prevent the reflection of the laser from entering the eye.

For astronomy lovers, how much power and price should be determined to meet their astronomical stargazing? Personally, in dim indoor conditions, 20 mw to 50 mw of power is more suitable for 50 mw more power to feel particularly strong beam of light. The intensity of the laser pen is relatively high bandwidth and stability in the narrow band width, can sell more expensive price, but the difference point laser beam of the human eye is therefore in the economic pinch to choose the friend power 50mW or smaller, the price laser indicator is better than 60 dollars, there is no different suitable. In addition, the power consumption of laser pen is usually relatively large, but it is still in accordance with the principle of environmental protection and energy saving.

In addition, a lot of people can be in the face of such problem: when astronomers refer to star laser pointer used properly, up to now in the evening, his "no"? In the case of the star pen media product is a semiconductor laser, the various properties of the semiconductor are very sensitive to the temperature. At the lower temperature, the laser pointer will not work properly. Then, the laser pointer will be turned out for a moment, and the temperature will be increased over 20 degrees. The pen will be able to work normally. If not, then the battery may not have electricity, or the battery may not be enough, so it is time to consider charging the battery, or replacing the battery.

The red laser pointer is a laser pointer, because it is emitted by a red laser beam, so it is called red laser pointer, which is called infrared laser pen. Compared with the green laser pen, the red laser pen is not as good as the green laser pen. The market retail price is much lower, which is suitable for low-end consumers, because the red laser pointer is called the "indispensable" laser pointer, red indicator and green indicator light.

The red laser pointer is different from a normal green laser pointer, and its output is significantly lower than the green laser, and the red laser pointer has a total brightness of more than one. Green laser pointer, light show in the night sky, you can see the bright green light can Pierce the sky, astronomers can use it to refer to the star, also known as the "star fun." It penetrates the sky at night and allows you to find what you want in a complex day star in a wide sky guide.

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