KitLaser Mini Size 5mW 650nm Red Dot Pocket Laser Pointer Kit With AAA Battery

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Keyword Keychain, Pocket
Size 94mm x 12mm
Weight: 35g
Power Supply 1 x AAA Battery


A miniature laser pointer for cats that is incredibly tiny but still full featured and accurate pointing. It is a popular keyring laser pointer with an very small body size. From the AAA battery, it is a 5mW laser pointer output power. Lightweight and portable size make it a reliable pointing tool for daily use. In order to bring satisfied service to our customers, 1 pcs AAA battery is offered from now on! Such a great key chain laser pointer can also be an great gift for friends!


  • Keychain clip, easy for every day carry
  • Solid, quality material construction
  • Convenient and practical
  • Includes free high-quality and high-capacity AAA battery.

Mini Red Laser Pen Red Laser Pen Pocket Laser Pen Small Laser Mini Laser Pointer For Cats Red Laser Detail

Product Spec
Brand KitLaser
Wavelength 650nm
Output Power 5mW
Beam Color Red
Operating Voltage 3.0V
Weight 35g
Operating Temp 15-35 ℃
Warm-time None
Power Supply 1 x AAA Battery
Warranty 12 Months


  • 1 x Red Dot Laser
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • 1 x Box

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